The Crowdfunder

The Crowdfunder

Total raised: £16,623!

It has been a long month for us, pushing and promoting our crowdfunding campaign but friends and family of the space have exhibited excellent support.

We have had several promising meetings with the authorities, and some excellent response from some of the local residents. We are much more certain that whilst moving forward following our campaign we will face significantly less resistance than we did the first time around with the licensing process.

As you may or may not know, our crowdfunding campaign has taken off in the last few days, with us hitting landmark milestones within hours of one another. We have had several large contributions that have really made a dent in our target, but we are still not quite there.

At this stage we would like to say that every donation large or small will help us yield tangible benefits, £50 will help pay for half a day of a tradesmans time, whilst £300 – £1000 might help us complete a large Job in the space. If you can encourage two others to donate, or chip in, you are doing a great thing for us as a community space!

Remember we aren’t asking for money for nothing, there are a host of rewards to select from, and everything pledged is going into building a sustainable community space that provides so much more than just a great night out!

At the time of writing we are over 75% of the way there, but we really need your help! You can continue to donate now that the crowdfunder is over here:

If you have yet to familiarise yourselves with our campaign and situation please read the links above.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and participation,

The Jam Jar Team.

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