An update from us, and a fun St Patrick’s Day ahead!

An update from us, and a fun St Patrick’s Day ahead!

The past 2 months at The Jam Jar have been very exciting so we thought it’s about time we sent out a short update.
Our successful crowdfunding campaign has allowed us to move forward with our plans to reopen the venue with a full premises license. We have employed a solicitor who specialises in licensing law to assist us in the application process. We have employed an acoustic consultant to aid and develop our noise management policy, and after an impressive application process we chose to employ Hot Soup House to design and install the majority of the refurbishment work in the venue space.
Their work includes revamping the entrance, bar, seating area, toilets, and installing some additional special features.

Thank you to everyone who supported us during the crowdfunding campaign, we couldn’t have done any of this without you! We would like to make an extra special thank you to all the volunteers who’ve helped us during the past 2 months. Their generosity has superseded our expectations and we wouldn’t have managed to get this far without it.
To experience such an influx of energy at this stage of a project is nothing short of inspirational. As we approach the next stage of our Jam Jar journey, we will be hosting a number of community targeted fundraising events to help us reach our goal. The first of these events is this Saturday:

The World’s first St Patrick’s Day chili con carne cook-off!

Get your backside on down to the Jam Jar for a celebration of Irish-Mexican relations and get WOKE! We have a fun packed evening of cultural fusion filled with tasty food, competitions, music and interesting facts!

Chili con carne/non carne competition – 

Come and judge! You will be given a score card, paper cups, and and a serving spoon of at least 10 different meat based chilis from passionate local chefs. This is Bristol, so there will be of course be fierce competition in the vegan category also!

Home made hot sauce competition – 

Bring a bottle or two of your best home made chilli sauce to enter the competition! Or dont, and just be a harsh critic of everyone else efforts… however you please! The flip side of your scoring card will allow you to score each sauce out of 10. 

Chilli pepper eating competition – 

Maybe you aren’t the biggest chef, but you sure can handle the heat? Maybe you are and you are super competitive and want to win it wall? Either way there will be a traditional chilli pepper eating competition, starting out with milder chilis and going up the Scoville scale each round, the moment you take a sip of your Guinness you are gone!

Facebook event –

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