July Newsletter

July Newsletter

The Jam Jar Newsletter 

Space Hire

Over the summer period our main space is a little quieter than usual due to most of our members working or performing at festivals. During the evenings and weekends we will still host our regular classes, however, if you require a space big or small on a temporary basis for any project please get in touch. We’d love to see our space used no matter what, so our rates for usage will reflect this. Furthermore we are always happy to facilitate you in achieving your project goal where we can.

For all enquiries please contact - info@thejamjarcollective.com (mailto:info@thejamjarcollective.com)

General Update

For those of you wondering where we’re at in terms of opening the doors again with a full premises license, let us round up our current situation. As you may well be aware, we faced some opposition from the local authorities and local residents during our latest attempt to secure an entertainment license. So with the spectacular support we got from our crowdfunding campaign, we were able to do our best to mitigate any concerns held, and during that process we have refrained from carrying out any licensable activities such as selling alcohol, or playing amplified music after 11 pm.

We have been working with an independent acoustic consultant and the environmental agency to manage noise disturbance, these relationships are ongoing, as are our efforts in accordance with their guidance. We have recruited a legal advisor to aid in communications with the other local authorities, and to advise us on the correct course of action to take with the local community. Furthermore, we have made costly refurbishments to the space, improving our public health and safety standards.

We are currently £1500 short of fitting the remaining acoustic treatment as recommended by our independent advisor, a few days/weeks of volunteered time of finishing the refurbishments, and therefore a few months until we will be carrying out any licensable activities with the permission of our local authority. Thereafter, finally we will be submitting our full premises license application. We’re hoping to raise the remaining funds as soon as possible, and it may well come from further investment by our management team. The same goes for the final push with painting and finishing our public space. If you wish to support us still please follow the links below.

Donate: https://www.thejamjarbristol.com/donations/support-the-jam-jar/

Volunteer: volunteerjamjar@gmail.com (mailto:volunteerjamjar@gmail.com)


Iguanas - Pipedreams

2nd of 4 live tracks from this Bristol outfit, they call it Tropidelic, we think it's great!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjzss0-B2BA (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjzss0-B2BA )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg_D3qGSlEo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg_D3qGSlEo )


Pocket Sun - Tightly

Debut release from Pocket Sun, Bristol-based dream pop.



Classes & Community Events

Every Monday - 19.45 pm - 22.30 - Nigel Mays Latino Urban Dance Workshop

Nigel is an expert in these fields of dance, both in teaching and in dancing. He exudes an enthusiasm that is utterly infectious.

Workshops will focus on the following :

…Body isolation, movement and musicality
… Reggaeton, Urban & Hip Hop beats.

Each week, Nigel draws together the first two classes & connects the moves to the live drummers' rhythms

Every Tuesday - 18.30 - 20.30 - Purdie Life Drawing

** https://www.facebook.com/purdielifedrawing/ (https://www.facebook.com/purdielifedrawing/)

Antonia Purdie runs our regular 2-hour model led life drawing session. It's a mere fiver and paper is provided at no extra cost. Plus a small selection of drawing tools are at your disposal!

This class is designed for everyone and all abilities are more than welcome! No matter what your style, level or technique, this is the class for you! Whether you want to try something new or rekindle an old skill, or perhaps you just want to escape your hectic week with something creative. Come along and give it a go!


Guitar Technician

Julie Hautecoeur ** (H Guitars) (https://www.facebook.com/H-Guitars-Guitar-repair-and-service-185774951997511/)
has been building guitars for the last 8 years for high-end instrument makers such as Quintric Guitars, Lowden Guitars and currently Waghorn Guitars in Bristol. In addition to this excellent experience, she has received training from Cuntz Guitars (Germany) and Michael Greenfield (Canada).

As her repair demand is increasing, Julie decided to start up her own guitar repair and service company. We cannot recommend her highly enough for this service. It has been a pleasure welcoming Julie into our team and we look forward to facilitating her excellent work for The Jam Jar, as well as her own startup ** H Guitars (https://www.facebook.com/H-Guitars-Guitar-repair-and-service-185774951997511/)
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