Humans for rights network fundraiser w/ Alfresco Disco - 16th Sep 2017 / 00:00 @ Jam jar, Bristol

Humans for rights network fundraiser Saturday 16th September

8 til late at Jam Jar, Old Market, Bristol

In collaboration with alfresco disco and local bands we are bringing you a night of live bands and house & disco raising money and awareness for the charity Human for rights network. The Network was set up after a year working with refugees and vulnerable migrants across Europe. We thought long and hard about how best to continue this work, including where we believed there to be a gap, an area lacking in enough attention.

Despite the continued absence of reporting in mainstream media of the situation people are living in and what they are enduring, there continues to be tens of thousand of refugees trapped within Europe, lacking the protection they were forced to come here seeking.

The Humans for Rights Network is set up to allow all refugees and asylum speakers to speak out against the horrendous human right abuses they are experiencing within Europe. These include everything from persistent violent attacks by police, no access to drinking water, no access to asylum procedures, indefinite detention and sexual assault and exploitation.

The network is focused on training existing groups of volunteers and grass roots groups, in how to report and record these abuses, and how to take detailed testimony and statements regarding the details of them.

Currently, in many places across Europe these violations are going unrecorded and therefore there is no accountability for the perpetrators, nor is there any justice for the victim.

We are in the process of developing an app, that will allow all volunteers, grass roots groups and refugees themselves to alert us of a violation. These violations are endemic, happening often under the cover of darkness, without witness and must be stopped. What effect do these have on the people experiencing them?What consequence is there for those committing these crimes?

The network intends to answer these questions and put an end to the illegal acts taking place across Europe everyday. We aim to use the evidence collected for legal challenges, advocacy and, overall to protect those experiencing them, and the ever growing threat to the Human rights system. Please help support our work.

Tickets £10 adv all proceeds go to the Human for rights network, funding vital work being done to protect the rights of refugees

Bands playing on the night from 8pm-

Iyabe -

Iyabe's sound comes from the exploration of found sound and unconventional song writing techniques. Minimally loud, Iyabe's set of songs will take you on a cathartic journey through many genres. Influences from R 'n' B, neo-soul, punk, noise and many more

Toyface - Toyface is the stage name of Tamsyn Fallows and her band of players, who mix a blend of ethereal jazz and catchy pop hooks to create something both accessible and beautiful.

followed by Gecko at 10 and Alfresco Disco DJ's from 11pm