Public Jam and Meeting - 21st Sep 2017 / 19:00 @ The Jam Jar Bristol

As you may or may not be aware, the Jam Jar is in a sticky situation. Some might call it a pickle, but whatever your favorite preserve, we're into preserving the space for years to come. On Thursday we will be discussing live music, gentrification, spaces for artists and the future of the Jam Jar. If you've ever been involved with the Jam Jar, enjoy the Jam; or have ever benefited from the space, please come on down, bring a laptop or an instrument and show your support.

Once we've had an update from the Jam Jar coordinators we'll be planning what we're going to do next. If you have a smart phone, or laptop; great, if not, bring yourself along anyway and get involved with some real live organising. Instruments highly encouraged, we'll finish the evening off with an impromtu jam, remember and celebrate the importance of why we do what we do.

19:00: Meet and Greet
19:30: Jam Jar Update
19:45: Action Station
21:00: Drinks and Live Improvised Jam.