Samedia Shebeen II - Return of the Shebeen - 20th Apr 2018 / 22:00 @ The Crofters Rights

After the last sell out floor stomper of a show in November, Jam Packed and Ru Robinson are bringing the Samedia Shebeen tropical party back to Bristol.

For those who missed out last time, this travelling fun house of immersive mayhem starting life in Edinburgh and their festival venue is a firm favourite at Boomtown Fair. Tucked away in the Barrio Loco district, you may have found yourself entering their humid, camo net cocooned dance and busting some mega shapes in front of their iconic tropical DJ shack.

For those who didn’t, you are in for another special night and can expect even more vibes this time around. We’ll be spicing up the night with some live elements and treats that you’d be coconuts to miss! Furthermore, we’ll be extending the party and running from 10pm sharp - all of the extra fun for the same bargain price!

Get yourselves acquainted with their sound, spanning rhythms old and new from all over Africa, the Middle East, Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean – via essential new club sounds of London, NYC, Paris and beyond.

Limited advanced tickets are available Headfirst Bristol:
£3.50 Early Bird
£4.50 Limited Advanced
£5.00 OTD