Samedia Shebeen in Bristol - 18th Nov 2017 / 23:00 @ The Crofters Rights

Jam Packed and Ru Robinson are teaming up, bringing one of the UK’s most floor-shakingly tropical club nights to Bristol for the first time; the mighty Samedia Shebeen!

Samedia Shebeen regularly throw a seriously good-vibes party in their hometown of Edinburgh and their immersive festival venue is a firm favourite at Boomtown, tucked away in the Barrio Loco district. You may remember finding yourself entering the humid, camo net cocooned dance and busting some mega shapes in front of the iconic tropical DJ shack.

As winter is coming, Samedia are heading south and bringing the heat with them; ancient and futuristic beats from all over the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean

Stay tuned for more information on November’s biggest tropical party.

Limited advanced tickets can be snapped up for £3 via Headfirst which will reserve your place at the tropical party.

Samedia DJs have travelled the world playing clubs, festivals and parties, with highlights including Mzoli’s and Fiction in Cape Town, Soundwave Festival in Croatia, Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda, La Casbah in Antigua, Traffic in La Paz, Copan in Honduras and Mandrea Festival Italy.
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