St Patricks Day Chili Cook-off Extravaganza! - 17th Mar 2018 / 17:00 @ The Jam Jar Bristol

Worlds first St Patricks Day chili con carne cook-off! Vegan Friendly!

Celebrating Mexican Irish culture/relations in Bristol… and what?


- The monument to independence in Mexico City, contains a statue of an Irish man? Who was the leader of the first Mexican independence rebellion!

- A man of Irish decent was the last king of New Spain, the country from which Mexico was born?

- The only group of American soldiers ever to defect and rebel against America were the St Patricks Battalion of of the Republic of Mexico?

You mean, you didn’t know any of that? How shameful! Get your backside on down to the Jam Jar for a celebration of Irish-Mexican relations and get WOKE, with the worlds first St Patricks day Chili Con Carne cook-off! We have a fun packed evening of cultural fusion filled with tasty food, competitions, music and interesting facts!

Chili con carne/non carne competition -

Come and judge! You will be given a score card, paper cups, and and a serving spoon of at least 10 different meat based chilis from passionate local chefs. This is Bristol, so there will be of course be fierce competition in the vegan category also!

Home made hot sauce competition -

Bring a bottle or two of your best home made chilli sauce to enter the competition! Or dont, and just be a harsh critic of everyone else efforts… however you please! The flip side of your scoring card will allow you to score each sauce out of 10.

Chilli pepper eating competition -

Maybe you aren’t the biggest chef, but you sure can handle the heat? Maybe you are and you are super competitive and want to win it wall? Either way there will be a traditional chilli pepper eating competition, starting out with milder chilis and going up the Scoville scale each round, the moment you take a sip of your Guinness you are gone!

Jam Jar Fundraiser -

As many of you may know the Jam Jar underwent a crowdfunding campaign in December and raised an incredible £16,623, this was however still short of its 20k target, so this event is intending to raise as much as possible to help pay for the work needed to keep this cultural gemstone of Bristol alive and get it fully licensed. We feel that £10 is a fair cost to entry, you will be fed as much as you can eat! There will be chilli sauce and other good on sale if you would like to support us further!

The bar will not be serving alcohol so this will be a BYOG event!