The Jam Jar Bazaar Presents: HENGE - 11th Dec 2015 / 17:00 @ The Jam Jar Bristol

Ladies and gentlemen, roll up roll up, here we have the next date for The Jam Jar's very own market extravaganza;

An evening of goodies, games, live music and dancing!

The doors will open at 5pm. There will be a fine selection of arts, crafts, clothes and edible treats. Perfect for someone's Christmas stocking one might add. The market will seamlessly merge into our evening of merriment featuring some very special guests.


These Mancunian cosmic crusaders will be re-entering the earth's atmosphere after venturing the cosmos in search of the galaxy's most extra terrestrial sounds. They've identified our city as a potential site for landing and their shuttle is on course to descend upon The Old Malt House this December the 11th, let's hope they don't burn up on re-entry!

By way of an introduction, here is a video of their previous landing on our planet...

Ru Robinson
Tropical beats, wide smiles and moving feets.

Our very own in house selectors bring the funk and the jazz, the afro and the balkan, the latin and the badness, the cheese and the classics. Dance floor fillers be sure to leave your long johns at home for this one.

✺✺✺✺✺✺ ROLL UP ✺ ROLL UP ✺ ROLL UP ✺ ROLL UP ✺✺✺✺✺✺

So to get the night started in style, we have the Jam Jar Bazaar, with colourful fun all up in your face!

The market will open its doors at 5pm, theres going to be something for everyone and, low and behold, its nearly christmas, so time to get your present buying hat on!a

Ashanti Empress
Colourful, unique garms that are cooler than cool!

"Ashanti Empress brings you West Africa's most vibrant and flamboyant garms to the grey shores of the UK.

Take off your shoes, take off your socks and replace them with an entire spectrum of colours from Ghana's Ashanti region."

Taylor Rose Hoods
"All of my hoods are individual and unique one- offs"
Wonderful, festive, bedazzlement from Taylor Rose, these hoods are truly original and a force to be reckoned with, super colourful and fun. You can't go wrong!

JackFruit Clothing
We are a Bristol based independent clothing line, with a passion for making festival fashion a daily affair. We want to bring colour to our streets and smiles to the faces of those we meet along the way.
JackFruit's current range consists of Festival Tracksuits and Trousers, and Reversible Waistcoats.

Feral Rose
"FeralRose was born from a love of craft, travel and festivals.
I design, make and craft leather goods, jewellery and accessories and also travel the world in search of unique and gorgeous handmade jewellery."

Ava Osbiston designs
Hand made, up-cycled rubber bags, accessories and wearable art.

Issi Bulloch Jewellery
Frozen in time. Intricately detailed cast pieces from Nature, developed into one-off Bespoke pieces of jewellery, through a variety of Highly skilled techniques.
From Pendants, Charms and Earrings to the moulded natural forms within rings. A little piece of Mother-Nature.

Gypsy Garms
Gypsy Garms are a hippie clothing line that sell handmade and unique items, including tops, dreamcatchers, jewellery and many other crochet creations!

Tasty treats
Yummy cakes and delicious goods from Abby Apple and Ruby Reggae.

There will be food avaliable - hungry shoppers are unhappy shoppers, of course. Veggie, Vegan, cheese and mmmmmm tasty.

♬ There will be music, oh yes there will, whether it be some acoustic jams or tunes from our house vinyl collection, there will be music. ♬

There will be cake, of many varieties, and delicious teas to wash it all down with.

♙ There will be games! Put on your thinking caps and be ready to get involved!

☮This event is going to be FREE for all until 9pm, including our lovely stall holders, so please tell your friends, donate as you see fit and come join us for a wonderful evening. We are very excited to see you all!