The Jam Jar Bazaar - 24th Oct 2015 / 13:00 @ The Jam Jar Bristol

✺✺✺✺✺✺ ROLL UP ✺ ROLL UP ✺ ROLL UP ✺ ROLL UP ✺✺✺✺✺✺

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the start of something beautiful!

The Jam Jar's very own market extravaganza;

A day of goodies, games,aliments, loot and overindulgence!

The doors will open at 2pm.


⛺We have many wonderful stall holders coming to town to tempt and seduce you with their trinkets and wares.

There will be food avaliable, hungry shoppers are unhappy shoppers, of course.

♬There will be music, oh yes there will, whether it be some acoustic jams or some tunes from our house vinyl collection, there will be music.

There will be cake, of many varieties, and delicious teas to wash it all down with.

♙ There will be games! Put on your thinking caps and be ready to get involved!

☮This event is going to be FREE for all, including our lovely stall holders, so please tell your friends, donate as you see fit and come join us for a wonderful day. We are very excited to see you all!