****** The Jam Jar Collective Presents – TAKO LAKO ****** - 10th Oct 2014 / 18:00 @

For those of you who aren't familiar with their visionary mix of trashy global beats and frenzied psychedelic gypsy music, TAKO LAKO have coined the genre 'Gyspy Rave' – It's fiery, loud and endlessly catchy. WHOOOOMPA!

They've swept away European audiences for years, taking over dance floors with their boombastic psychedelia, inducing acid-esque atmospheres at Shambala, Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair, Sunrise, Bestival and now The Old Malt House. These devilish Danes are set to drop their new album on October 1st, with a tour of Denmark to follow and an epic Bristol show care of The Jam Jar Collective!


This spectacular showcase of our new venue is tailored to inspire and impress all those who enter. Having undergone full refurbishment over summer The Old Malt House boasts integrated art installations, bespoke décor, immersive theatre and a professional audio and lighting suite. We're set to amaze you.

You are cordially invited to participate with the theme and dress up in suitable attire, as The Old Malt House takes a step back in time. This Victorian establishment calls for a smart dress code with a sinister turn as the Balkan Bandits come to town. Our patrons are known to dress to impress, with buttoned shirts and the silkiest of dress. If I were you I'd look nothing but dapper, dark psychedelia meets imperial power. Wind up your pocket-watches, set waistcoats to stun, the hour approaches, the band is second to none!

Vibe master Waggles is here to take hold, buckle up and let loose party tunes to please all. If you don't know, then it's about time our whimsical favourites busting out goodness all the time.


Free Meal before it turns Lako!

Dinner served at 7:00pm

No need to frantically feed following a hard days work;

Come fill your tummies before the night sets in and quiz the collective over some complimentary cuisine!

Tickets are available online via Party For The People Fundraising through music.