The Jam Jar Presents - Son Caméléon - 28th Nov 2014 / 21:00 @

Son Caméléon is back for one more shimmy through the technicolour rainforest of The Old Malt House. A giant chameleon, devised and built by Tangleface Arts, which provided tropical beats, wide smiles, interactive games and wobbly dance moves to five different UK music festivals this Summer.
His peculiar peddling through the English countryside has drawn to a close for this year, so we invite you to celebrate the end of his tour with him and his chameleon offspring. Limber up and enter the steamy jungle for an evening of delicious tunes, colourful critters and immersive artwork.


An eleven piece multi-national musical collective who blend sizzling Latin American rhythms with reggae and afrobeat. Founded by Colombian drummer Julian Leon with a powerful brass section, Pachango bring enormous vibes to festival marquees and stages all over the land. They were also the first band ever to play the mobile chameleon stage tour this summer, attracting an exceptional crowd of dancing people for the first outing at Secret Garden Party. Pachango have a highly uplifting and wonderfully unique party sound, but your feet will know exactly what to do! Truly representing the tropical smile of Son Caméléon, we are proud to host Pachango’s Bristol debut!


Festival fodder fit for the masses, Crinkle Cuts deliver you a blasting of tantric funk, smooth reggae and new-wave latin ska in a bombastic style.
Another big hit with the chameleon stage this Summer, these Bristol funksters will get us all shakin the floor in fine style.

Son Caméléon’s smiley chief DJ and director of music and sound at Tangleface Arts will be whipping up a tropical storm for the tour closing party. Ever endeavouring to spready funky sounds from around the globe, Ru Robinson got started in Bournemouth and quickly became a part of the alternative clubbing scene, helping create some magic on the south coast. Now based in Bristol after frequently venturing this way, Ru will bring a tasty dancefloor selection of cumbia, afrobeat, brass, bossa nova and broken beat.

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