The Jam Jar Presents - SQUID PARTY - The Destroyers - 31st Oct 2014 / 21:00 @

Ink ace you missed it last time we're back to set sail on the Bristol shores, and the swell foretold is mighty. We've mapped fresh waters and baited the area, and this time we've cast our anchors at The Old Malt House.

Buckle up and hold tight to the mast as you're in for a treat 'cos THE DESTROYERS, a rouge band of charlatan corsairs, have set the boat a rockin' with their debaucherous beats as this plaice heads for the rocks.

A rival boss is in town; Mr Tea and his crew, and we assure you their sound is second to none. Mr Tea and the Minions have climbed aboard, bringing their own brand of full-bodied, funky, gypsy flow.

Manning the decks is our very own Jolly Rodger; purveying the finest catch of big tuna the seven seas have ever heard; the buccaneer ballad blaster; out to master your mind with his melange of massive beats.

Be sure to dress for the weather as there's a storm a-brewin'! Those who make a special effort will be rewarded with booty and grog, so step up to the plank and take the plunge if ya dare.

So reel in those lines and gather up the nets, because we're making every effort to make The Old Malt House fit for porpoise. Don't be koi and climb aboard, take a perch 'cos we've got a whole shoal of friends for you to meet. Your Pirate Captain and crew are back from the dead, having been spat back out from the darkest depths of Davy Jones Locker. Don't be afeared for if you prove yourself seaworthy (offerings of rum always help), then he and his swashbuckling crew will navigate you through the treacherous waters where the colossal squid lays in wait and the sea witch hatches her plans. Keep your guard up, for the marauding crew follows neither rules nor guidelines and will rope you in and beguile you with card games and tricks. The wenches may look sweet, but don't be seduced as they've money on their minds, and their hands on your doubloons.