The Jam Jar Presents: The Door Is Ajar - Jam Night - 17th Oct 2015 / 18:00 @

The Door Is Ajar - Welcome and come on in, to the first in a series of events celebrating the huge amount of musical talent, diversity and creativity that Bristol has to offer.

For each event in this series we aim to consciously match musicians, in skill and stylistic direction, to achieve phenomenal jams. We wish to capture the magic with high quality video and audio and share the material to attract more participation and attendance for future events.

We are currently creating a pool of musicians for this project, for every event we will invite the entire pool of artists. We will, however, assign two key bassists, two pianists, two drummers and two vocalists. This being said these guidelines will not be maintained with to much rigidity, and the musicians can be chopped and changed with all other musical elements open to the floor.

The door is ajar, keep a lid on it!