The Jam Jar Presents - The John Langan Band & Seas of Mirth - 14th Nov 2014 / 21:00 @

"If you go down to the woods today,
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today,
You'd better go in disguise…"

Creatures big and small, from badgers to wood nymphs and from field mice to owls have all gathered under the old oak tree for the woodland's biggest social event of the year. A troupe of passing musicians have set up camp and are ready to set the tree tops a'shaking!

Line up so far:




The John Langan Band
This high energy, unhinged and extravagant trio deliver traditional acoustic idioms with punk abandonment and virtuosic flare. A dynamic three-piece offering a unique sound emerging from Celtic, Gypsy Swing, Roma and Flamenco.

Seas of Mirth
Combining hilarious live shows with pounding dance music, Seas of Mirth are a party band unlike any other. Alongside high-speed gypsy beats, a thrashy folk influence and some majestic bellowing, they even manage to throw in a bit of old-school hip-hop for good measure. They holler nautical folk tales, punishment chants, misfortunate love ballads and musical yarns, all concerning mythical sea beasts.

Kaptin is Dead
Renegade Sheriff and Music Programmer for Boomtown Fair festival, Kaptin has his finger on the trigger, with exclusive access to tunes that make the knees quiver. Shaking the grounds of the Jolly Dodger and The Old Mines stages at Boomtown this year, he's no stranger to the bands we have in store for the evening and is set to deliver some fine gypsy bangers for all.

As always there's fancy dress prizes to be won, so preen those pelts, perk up your ears and get ready to shake your tail feathers.

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