Too 'Rave' to Die (a night for Smalls) - 11th Feb 2017 / 20:00 @ The Jam Jar Bristol

As Smalls can't be here to organise his birthday (an occasion definitely worth celebrating) this year, we are going to put on a shindig the grandmaster of fun himself will be proud of.

The night will be at The Jam Jar Bristol, on the 11th February from 8pm and will involve much dancing all the excellent tunes and many rum and friends.

-----------LINE UP----------

- Ghost (sonic wizardry!)
- Bundochasm (junglin mashup)
- Bagul (jungle/breakcore)
- Tonne (jungle)
- K.rina (80s charity shop bangers)
- Komopromat (dubsounds)


As form of ticketing with attempt to hold this as a charitable event we are using a crowdfunding platform:

-----------FUNDRAISING ----------

All profits will be donated to Transform, "a charitable think tank that campaigns for the legal regulation of drugs both in the UK and internationally" (

Smalls well knew that prohibition cannot be judged a success on any front. Handing control of the drug trade to organised criminals has had disastrous consequences across the globe. Transform therefore works to get drugs under control by advocating for strict regulation of all aspects of the trade.

-----------DONATION REWARDS----------

- £5 - £10 = ENTRY to the party

- £10 - £20 = above plus promotional POSTER of original art work for the night plus a selection of #smalltones stickers

- >£25 = all of above plus 12" VINYL with 4 tracks of Smallsys, featuring some of his own artwork OR.....mounted PRINT of wonderful artwork by wonderful Robyn Pea, alongside narative of elements included in the work (see posts for image of print)

- WHEN donating for this reward, please state which you would prefer, vinyl OR print, but dont worry, both will be on sale on the night :)


This will be a special night that we want to get as many people involved with so come on down, celebrate with us, raise some funds for a good cause, pick up some treats, bring your mates, bring their mates and spread the word and educate :)