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At The The Jam Jar we believe grassroots community spaces are a vital part of our city’s roots and culture. The space provides affordable and welcoming facilities to Bristol’s communities, accessible and used by a large network of professionals who contribute directly to the creative sector worth over £123 million to our city’s economy. Not only are spaces like The Jam Jar crucial to emerging musicians and artists, they also provide a platform for start-up enterprises, workshops and other activities, which collectively contribute to the health and well-being of our city. The Jam Jar to-date has supported and delivered community events, raised funds for local charities, and provided sanctuary for a variety of independently run activities that benefit local people.”

As soaring rent and property prices place us in the midst of a growing housing crisis, the issues facing community spaces and independent venues are becoming more severe. These changing dynamics tear at the fabric of the city’s cultural tapestry. The redevelopment of spaces like Hamilton House and the challenges facing our own are just a glimpse at the overarching narrative of widespread gentrification; a trend which continues to present huge hurdles to displaced charities and social enterprise, all of which provide valuable work for technicians, artists, musicians, innovators, risk-takers and others.”

“To many different communities the right of assembly and the capacity to join together through music in a safe environment is of huge value. The Jam Jar is a very safe space, highly tolerant and supportive of people’s individuality. We believe spaces like the Jam Jar deserve to thrive in a mutually beneficial partnership with the local authorities, as opposed to being impeded by them, and issues of noise and disturbance should be mitigated pro-actively by the relevant departments instead of being used as injunctions against organisations or spaces which direct social energies into the City’s vibrant foundations.

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