Our Team

Creative Crewing Solutions

Our Team

Each member of the Jam Jar Collective is possessed of their own particular expertise, skills and qualifications. Our creative crew consists of graduates, craftsmen, artists and individuals all with extensive experience within the cultural industry, and in a large range of event production, from independent live music events and discussion forums, to international conferences, National Theatre and high-end commercial shows. We have access to a wide variety of creatively gifted individuals including photographers, graphic designers, stage and sound crew, video mappers, carpenters and tree surgeons. Our collective experience and combined expertise are highly accessible and very affordable, be it loading, lifting and staffing events, or receiving custom consultation from start to finish.

As well as our own series of events we’ve worked within production crews at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Bestival and Brisfest, as well as high profile events such as the G20, Ryder Cup and Cheltenham Races. The Old Malt House was our first long-term in house project, we’ve refurbished a huge space within a Grade 2 listed building into a thriving creative hub, incorporating a music studio, performance space and mutli disciplinary studio.

With our crew, you can expect the best; with high interpersonal and communication skills, excellent industry knowledge and a creative edge to producing solutions. We are the creative answer to any event, show or manifestation, able to assist with design, planning and management or completing tasks to client specifications with efficiency, quality and satisfaction. Together we foster the values of creativity and professionalism with underlying core goals of sustainable services and careers.

General Event and Site Crew

  • Lifting, loading & manual handling crew.
  • Porters, runners & production assistance.
  • Bar Staff and Managers
  • Drivers and Operators
  • Waiting Staff
  • Stewards.
  • Ushers.

Sound, Stage and Technical Crew

  • Stage / Event Managers
  • Sound Engineers
  • Rigging, Lighting & Audio
  • Video Mapping
  • Theatre / Set Builders
  • Carpenters
  • Tree Surgery

Creative Crew

  • Decor and Design
  • Craft, Art and Workmanship.
  • Set Design & Build
  • Graphics, Illustration and Animation
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Photography, Audio & Video
  • Master of Ceremony

All our crew are first aid trained and possess interdisciplinary knowledge of the event industry, whilst also being exceptional within their field. With our crew, you can expect highly intelligent people with excellent communication skills, able to complete both back breaking work or design every aspect of your event to schedule and desire.

For more information on rates and services, please contact us.

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